The California real estate market has never been more lucrative for investors. With home prices rising and interest rates lower than ever, the Golden State is attracting buyers from across the country. However, the process of buying and selling homes is a complex one that can require professional help from a real estate agent or an iBuyer.

For home sellers looking to save thousands in commission fees, selling a home without a broker can be an attractive option. But it’s important to understand the risks of FSBO sales. There are many responsibilities homeowners must take on, such as marketing their property, negotiating with buyers, and completing the sales process. If they aren’t prepared for these responsibilities, it’s likely that the sale will fall through or the seller will have to pay a buyer’s agent commission at closing.

The average single-family home spends 28 days on the market in California. This is a long time, especially for new listings in hot markets like Southern California. To speed up the selling process, home sellers can take steps to make their homes more appealing to buyers. Some of these tips include:

Having an MLS listing: Listing on the MLS exposes your home to more buyers California Real Estate Selling Solutions and can encourage bidding wars, which can increase your final sale price. Getting professional photos: According to VHT Studio, homes with professionally-taken photos sell 32% faster than those without photos. Offering a competitive buyer agent commission: This can encourage buyers to shop your property and help you get top dollar for your home.

Making disclosures: State and local laws have various requirements regarding property disclosures, which can vary by region. Failing to disclose these issues can lead to legal liability for the seller after the sale is completed.

Hiring a real estate agent: For most people, hiring a professional California real estate agent is the easiest way to sell a property. Real estate agents are familiar with state-specific regulations and can offer guidance throughout the entire sales process. However, this traditional route can be expensive, especially if you’re selling out-of-state.

Leveraging a wholesalers list: Many successful real estate wholesalers have spent years building relationships with buyers and vendors in the real estate industry. Leveraging this network can significantly speed up the process of finding a homebuyer in California. One such tool is Real Estate Bees’ Property Marketplace Widget, which allows you to syndicate your contracted deals to a massive marketplace of homebuyers and investors.

When selling a property in California while living out-of-state, it can seem overwhelming due to physical distance, time zone differences, and state-specific laws. However, technology and companies like Osborne Homes provide efficient solutions to make the process as seamless as possible. This includes coordinating with the buyer, preparing required documents and compliance paperwork, and taking care of property taxes and other ongoing expenses for the home. This helps minimize stress for the out-of-state homeowner and can ensure a smooth transaction.